Your Career Choice Pros And Cons Of Being A Paleontologist

Robert Bakker, Rinchen Barsbold, Kenneth Carpenter, Thomas Holtz…

If these names are familiar to you, then this article should be more than interesting and helpful. All of them demonstrated successful achievements in the same sphere; the sphere that you want to choose as your major occupation; the sphere where scientists spend much of their time to study all forms of life during different periods by means of evaluating and analyzing fossils. It is all about paleontology.

Nowadays people like to choose not ordinary occupations in order to get more chances to find good jobs, earn good money, and provide themselves with good future. If you still have some doubts about your career in paleontology, the following pros and cons should help you make a choice.


1.A paleontologist gets an access to different kinds of work from real outside experiments to simple work in office;

2.A variety of work provides paleontologists with a chance to get high salary;

3.There are many types of paleontologists, this is why they have always chances to choose another work, try themselves at different occupations, and enlarge their levels of knowledge;

4.The work of paleontologist aims at studying human life and discovering its main secrets.


1.A lot of education is usually required for people who want to become paleontologist;

2.It is necessary to have appropriate practice before start working;

3.It is important to know how to work in a group of people and how to work independently;

4.The sphere of paleontology requires research, knowledge, and practice, this is why scientists should study new material almost always.

So, if you have time, you are welcome to evaluate the perspectives of the chosen profession and your own chances to achieve success in paleontology. Do not hurry up to make fast decisions. Be sure of your choice and your skills!