Why Consider An Arizona Real Estate Investment In Scottsdale

Scottsdale remains one of the highest sought after areas in Arizona today for real estate investing due to the fact that it is argued today to be the place in Arizona with the best quality of living. The City continues to see rapid growth and has the benefit of tourism to boost rental revenue for investment properties in the area.

This article will highlight three reasons why one should consider property investment in Scottsdale Arizona.

Firstly, Scottsdale has lots of sunshine and to be precise 330 days of it a year. This results in the place having the distinction as one of the best golfing areas in the United States. The combined quality and quantity of golfing resorts in the area make the area a must see destination for golfing enthusiasts worldwide when they visit Arizona. This also drives a boom in related accommodation and many famed golfers have decided to reside in the Scottsdale area driving up the prices of property somewhat.

Secondly, Scottsdale is where many celebrities reside because of its extreme wealth. The region has now been known nationally as the place for luxury and real estate. This reputation has continued to fuel a growth in Scottsdale Arizona property. In a study in 2005, Scottsdale is one of the two cities outside of California ranked in the top 10 markets for luxury home sales. This means that there is a large amount of money flowing into the area for high end luxury properties and represents a continued demand for luxury real estate there.

Thirdly, Scottsdale is a premium holiday destination in the United States with its more than 70 resorts and hotels which continue to attract more than 7.5 million tourists annually and this means that accommodation occupancy rates and rentals are on the high side. This boom in tourist arrivals in recent years represents a great potential for rental yield in holiday type property accommodation. A property in a good location with a good property management company can represent a good source of monthly cash flow if you play your stakes right here.

In conclusion, we have covered three excellent reasons why you should consider an Arizona Real Estate investment in Scottsdale and perhaps in your next holiday trip there you might consider taking a look at the property investment options open to your financial budget and preference.

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