Who’s Afraid of a Major Career Change

Are you unhappy with your job? Many of us are. Most people keep going to the office five days a week even though they hate it there. Why? Simply because of the money. Let’s face it: we all need cash to survive. But sometimes, they can hinder our dreams. We forget what we really want because we are stuck in these roles. It may be that someone is depending on you financially. However, more often than not, many people don’t want to change their careers because they are afraid of taking a risk. Happiness in life cannot be equated with money. A lot of people forget this, but money is simply a tool and a means to be happy. In short, it is not happiness in itself. So why is it that people stay in the jobs they do not want and still ask why they are unhappy when they are earning money? The acquisition of things will not make you happy in itself. Buying things you don’t really need means nothing. Most of us waste our hard earned money buying things we don’t really need in hopes to fill the void our unhappiness has made. It then becomes a vicious cycle. You work to earn cash and to buy things in hopes that it will make you happier. Many people are walking around like zombies, going to work and not even thinking about the possibility that maybe something else will fill that void. In this day and age, man has unlimited possibilities. This gives one no excuse to stay in a job they don’t want. Fear is the main reason why many people still stick with their jobs, sacrificing their satisfaction in life. This is a valid fear, because financial stability is important. The harsh reality is that you need cold hard cash to survive. However, there’s no reason you can’t earn it by doing something you want. A major career change is intimidating for some people, but there are ways to do it with ease. Doing it in a hurry (just quitting) may get you into some deep water. It’s best to look for a job that you want first. This gives you an opportunity to look at all the possibilities. There are jobs for every field, but it’s just a matter of looking for them. The Internet has made this a whole lot easier, as you can just look for jobs online. Give yourself time to assess your decision. Don’t just rush into finding a new career.

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