The Best Place To Park Your Investment – Profitable Car Park Investment

New car park investment, income investing opportunity just launched by Experience International. Investors buy individual ‘Car Parking Spaces’ which are then leased back to an established car park management company that manages and rents the ‘parking space’ on the investors behalf. In return investors are rewarded with an initial 4 years guaranteed income renewable for an additional 4 years. Net yields are 10.00% in the first two years, 10.46% in year 3 and 11.00% in year 4 and are anticipated to surpass 12.00% by year 5.

The car park investment is part of an income generating asset (IGA) selection of products. It is a commercial property turnkey investment guaranteed to return high and stable yields along with sustained capital appreciation.

Our parking facility is part of a commercial business tower in Dubai’s new business zone ‘Business Bay’ which is currently undergoing a $30 billion US dollar development that will comprise of residential, commercial, and retail units that will accommodate over 300,000 people upon completion. The car parking investment facility services the building and provides spaces to tenants of the building.

A Colliers International report on 147 global CBD’s (Central Business Districts) rates for parking states the massive potential growth of parking rates in a Dubai CBD. A year on year comparison of median rates indicates that in 2008 the average monthly parking cost in Dubai was at $198.48 and in 2009 rose to $240 demonstrating a large 20% rise in just 1 year.

At the moment in Dubai it is about half the price for car parking costs compared to cities like Perth, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, and that Dubai will catch up these cities and at least equal their pricing structures heading towards the $1,000 per month mark sooner rather than later.

Covered / underground parking spaces in Dubai are in strong demand due to the extreme humidity and heat, and the high amount of cars as the main mode of transportation in the City makes car parks essential and necessitates their investment potential.

The Car Park Investment Exclusive provides an income investing opportunity in a complete and in operation car park facility for a business tower which has 80% more office space than the car park can actually provide, basically only 20% parking provision in relation to the building’s tenant capacity, therefore supply for parking in the business district cannot meet the strong demand.

Car Parks are a low entry level option for investors, presenting an inexpensive commercial property investment opportunity to earn 10.00%+ yields per annum guaranteed. Click here to access the exclusive car park investment report.