Resume Writing Tips From A Veteran Career Specialist

As a professional resume writer and career specialist for 10 years, Ive got the chance to look at so many application documents. A decade of experience lets me distinguish the difference between the past and current trends. More importantly, it allows me to take a glimpse of the aspirants skills in presenting their qualifications.

Performing the job for a long time, I came to master the specifics of my core task, as well as understand the factors leading to job hunting failures. Sadly, there are still a large number of hopefuls who cant craft personal marketing tools the way they should be.

Even with numerous available online resources and pertinent materials, job seekers seem to be always at loss when they are up to do the task.

Sure there are a lot of articles discussing hints and tips to ease the burden of resume writing but the problem is that the period of applicability or usability of the content is frequently left uncertain. What Im trying to point out is that there are articles that may not always be of help regardless of their relevance to a certain topic. An article that helped you obtain a job five years ago can no longer serve its purpose in recent times.

Trends change each passing year.

For aspirants seeking tips to succeed in their quest this 2014, here are some helpful pieces of advice:

What to Include
Living in the so-called digital age necessitates submission of a modern application tool. As a job seeker, you ought to include the following items/details in your summary:

Small iconic images. Writing the words address, phone, fax, and e-mail address on your contact details can be made more effective by placing relevant icons instead. These can help you save space and make the header of the document even more attractive.

Visual enhancers. A plainly written document with long textual content is currently a no-no. You should make use of various tools to further enhance the appearance of your document. These include table, text highlight and shading, boldface, text box, bullet points, page border, and text size variation, among others.

Keywords and powerful words. Placing industry-relevant keywords is such a useful strategy that can prove your qualification, as well as your knowledge about the job youre applying for. In professional experience section, always begin each phrase or sentence with powerful action word so as to measure your capacity in performing certain tasks. In qualifications profile section, always include adjectives that best describe you as the most qualified candidate.

Link to your LinkedIn profile. This allows hiring manager to have a glimpse of your professional career.

What to Exclude
Objective statement
Political affiliation
Religious belief
SS number (except for Federal application)
Character references: available upon request

Following these tips will mean guaranteed employment in the near future.

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