Reaching the Top How Minorities Can Successfully Navigate the Career Landscape

Corporate America is now more competitive than ever. Companies are persistently focused on identifying, recruiting, developing and retaining individuals with the best skills.

Recently released research has shown that promotions in the U.S. are most likely to occur in January, June and July. The survey, conducted by LinkedIn, the professional networking website, analyzed nearly 3 million intra-company job promotions from nearly 90 million members across the globe.

Continuous professional development is vital, especially for minorities who are seeking advancement and success in the workplace. Keith R. Wyche, author of -Good Is Not Enough and Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals,- speaker and corporate executive, specializes in empowering today’s minority professionals by leveraging actionable advice and real-world examples from his journey up the corporate ladder.

-It is essential for minorities in business to understand the rules of engagement if they expect to survive in the race called Corporate America,- advises Wyche. -All too often, careers of young, minority executives are left stalled at the middle-management level, as they fail to properly navigate the roads of right-sizing, mergers, acquisitions and other potholes of corporate life.-

Not certain what steps you should begin taking in your climb toward the top? Wyche offers advice on how to successfully break through the glass ceiling.

Assess Perception of Your Performance

As you assess your strengths and weaknesses, you may realize that an additional or advanced degree is necessary. While many individuals cannot go back to school full time, schools such as DeVry University offer flexible scheduling, allowing students to take courses online, on campus or a combination of both. Having the ability to complete your education while balancing your current job and family commitments can help ease the stress as you create your personal blueprint for advancing your career.

Develop a Network of Mentors

Mentors will help you build a foundation and set the pace for your career. Mentors from within an organization understand the culture and know the business expectations for the company. On the other hand, mentors outside of the organization know the industry, and their expertise is rooted in a history of industry changes.

Practical Experience Is Vital

When you begin your career, you quickly learn that textbook knowledge will only take you so far. Professors at DeVry University work in the same field they teach, providing students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience that goes beyond a chapter in a textbook. It’s this combination of hard and soft skills that can catapult students to the top of their field.

For information on relevant, career-focused degree programs that can help you climb the corporate ladder to success

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