Organic IT Innovation

Have you ever wondered ‘what is innovation?’ Innovation can
be a nebulous idea that is hard to pin down and can be expressed
differently depending on the person. Simply defined, innovation is “the
act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods,” however,
in today’s language, in an age when apps and electronics dominate our
daily activities, innovation has taken on a grander meaning.

Forbes, when determining companies for their annual
report on the world’s most innovative, measures the value of a company’s
existing business, based on expectations of future innovative results,
such as new products, services and markets. On a list like this one, the
companies are big. What about the smaller companies and the start-up

On the smaller end of the spectrum is where – often
out of necessity – true innovation happens. Innovation of this type
takes shape organically, to address a need, to fill a gap, to provide a
workaround without which progress cannot be made. There are both pros
and cons to this type of innovation, as catering to a specific niche or
audience may neglect addressing pressing needs in another sector of the
population, ignoring the diversity that exists within society.

In addition, in the current start-up culture which values, and looks
for, near-immediate turn-around, companies may be too quick to create,
without putting in the necessary amount of research and deliberation
about which products are truly viable. This devil-may-care type of
innovation may lead to overall failure. Finding a balance between the
extremes, while still allowing natural advancement is the key to
successful innovation.

Innovation has always been paramount in our work at Kinetik IT. We
write software for clients based on how they do business, learning how a
client interacts with software (usability), catering to their specific
needs, and developing new systems to further their efficiency,
productivity, and reach. Our end goal is to make the important work our
clients do easier, more intuitive. We do this through the development
and implementation of:

At Kinetik IT we spend the time and acquire the resources to stay on
the leading edge of information technology software, database, internet
and network solutions, so our clients can focus on business and
leadership. Kinetik IT can implement software, web applications and
database systems that work for the client, the way they do business,
while providing the necessary resources to keep clients on top of their
game. Our innovative ideas and solutions help simplify operations while
increasing productivity and enhancing competitive edge.