Marine industry the importance of trusting the professionals

In the last five years, the number of websites and people dedicated to DIY (do it yourself) activities has experimented an unprecedented growth. One of the consequences of internet democratization has been, in fact, the improved accessibility to a large number of people to all types of information, also very specific one that often requires a high level of technical knowledge to be fully understood.

In particular, websites offering instructions on DIY light carpentry have become more frequent, but also websites on how to create furniture for the house and garden, and even boats of relatively large dimensions have made their appearance.

This tendency has lots of people worried, specially the authorities and professionals of the marine industry, concerned by the number of boats under no regulation and unregistered that can be seen in Italian lakes and rivers.

Designers and naval engineers do in fact lots of planning and evaluating before even starting to think of a boats design. After a previous feasibility study, there is the difficult job of defining the geometrical parameters required to obtain not only the stability of the shape and of the boats barycentre position but also to acquire the turnbuckles, insulators, chains, hoists and other stainless marine accessories that will give the embarkation strength and lightness.

One of the greater risks of people deciding to assemble a boat of medium or large dimensions themselves by getting the resources, pieces and materials from different providers, is that of creating incompatibilities between the elements as a consequence of their limited knowledge and their short experience in the industry. An example of this problem is the purchase of safety protective steel safety items and electric enclosures and cabinets. In the marine industry, professionals take as given that a good electric cabinet ought to have an hydraulic magnetic switch or circuit breaker and that it should be kept in order and with cable-free access in case some fast intervention were to be required , especially in adverse weather conditions. An individual whose only competence is that of uniting the parts of the boat without a project specifics definition and without an inventory based on deep knowledge of the particularities of the marine industry, may choose materials and applications not suited for this kind of transport.

Professionals that will be able to help in building your boat are identified by the Italian legislation under the 275th article of the Regulation for the execution of the Code of Navigation based on de Ministerial decree of the merchant marine and in agreement with the Ministry of transport. Such individuals can sign boat construction projects since they have acquired an accreditation by public exams.

Remember that in order to conform to current regulation, a person signing the project and taking responsibility for the quality and safety of the boat is strictly necessary.

The advice is therefore that of seeking a design study and/or boatyard to get information on the services they are able to offer in terms of boat design consulting and also in terms of the infrastructures and skilled man-power they can provide in order to build a safe boat in which you will be able to enjoy your rides.