Management Information System (mis) In College Management Software

Management Information System (MIS) evolves through various technologies in time along with programming evolutions. In these days processing of the information becomes significant for better performance of managerial functions such as planning, organizing, leading, and control. To analyze and figure out from the deferred data is a long process. These processes can be reduced using several latest technologies with the prior use of MIS report format. The system will help the entrepreneur/ organization under the current situation through various reports; it will lead to enhance the productivity and profitability of the organization.

The need of MIS is inevitable and reporting varies from organization to organization, leading from the industry level to education and personal management etc. Quality of the MIS depends on major 5 factors: Time, accuracy, Consistency, Completeness and Relevancy. If these factors are well guarded while building any MIS then it will be of great success.

Most of the college management systems had embedded MIS reporting with their software. Each stakeholder in the institution requires the prompt report and depending on these requirements MIS Report format will vary. Professionals working in these verticals need to figure out the exact solutions for their stakeholders requirement.

Basically there are 4 stakeholders in colleges: Administrative, Teachers, Parents, and Students. Each one has their own involvement in the day to day activities of the college. A thorough study must be conducted to figure out the optimum format:

1)Need for the college management system.
2) How the end user benefit it.
3) Appropriate selection of components available.
4)Feasible study for how to present the report.
5)Appropriate technologies to be used.

Various report modules involved in the college management systems are:

College Information
Student Information
Employee Information
Attendance Report
Leave Application
Time Table
Alerts and Events
Exam Schedules
Exam Results

Each report module varies according to the different stakeholders use; For example leave application, this facility is available to students and employees in their respective logins. Where parent should have the privilege to apply on behalf of their wards and employees can apply leave in their login. So the modules vary even though they are following same scenario to apply leave.

User friendly interface creation is important. MIS Program should include graphs, comparison, and charts, so that users can understand the product easily. There must be a provision to import and export download and upload reports, which saves time.

A particular example could be in Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre with the implementation of Attendance Online software which has MIS facility. The college management software implemented was so user friendly where exact reports can be downloaded and printed according to the users needs. The college claims that their workflow has changed and the attendance percentage of students has also been surged up.

The use of MIS in college management software should be effective so that the clients will get satisfied from which productive results can be derived.