LED Headlights – Innovation And Beyond

an innovative new product appears on the market it sparks even more
innovation because it created new possibilities. Of course each
application has its own demands and sometimes the modifications required
will take time. But once the researchers and designers have got a whiff
of new possibilities they will pursue them tirelessly with vigor. Take
for example the LEDs. They arrived on the scene a long time and
immediately found use as small lights in electronic products. The
function of these small lights did not require much brightness and so
even though LEDs could not be very bright they could meet the
requirement in terms of the brightness of the light. But for other
applications they needed to be brighter. For example in the use as a
light source in LED tail lights.

may not be hot to touch but they do generate some heat just as
incandescent bulbs do. This heat is generated at the rear and it needs
to be dissipated else it will heat the area in which the LED has been
placed and that could lead to damage. And the challenge for increasing
the brightness of the LEDs has been linked to how well this heat can be
dissipated. As more heat could be dissipated brighter LEDs became
possible and we got to enjoy the benefits of LED tail lights. The light
source consumes less battery power, lights up faster, is very durable
and can withstand vibrations.

now as heat dissipation methods improve further LED headlights are
coming into their own. And they offer possibilities beyond the initial
innovation of making the LEDs bright enough for use as headlights. Take
for example that you are turning your car at a fair speed at night on
the highway. You need lighting a little to the side to which you are
turning and not straight ahead. LED headlights can have a bank of LEDs
pointed to either side. These can get lit up automatically, in the
required direction, when you turn your steering wheel in that direction.
You will be able to make the turn with better visibility. You can see
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