Justification Report On Changing The Dormitory Management System

Our dormitory; AU Condominium is the only dormitory for students who lived far away from the university. That’s why the amount of the students who live in is quite large. Our customers are both male and female. Therefore, there are some problems occurred. In the past, the students lived together both male and female. But now, we want to change the management system. We will separate male students and female students to live in the different building and setting the key card system.

The reason why we need to change the management system is while male students and female students lived together, there are many problems occurred. First, there are some complaints that it is not correct because it conflicts with the ethics and morality. Nowadays, the bad news about the young parents killed their baby because they do not have the responsibility to take care of their child occurred so many times. Second, we want to create the new image for our condominium. Third, if we separate the students by their gender, we can manage our condominium easier. Moreover, we can eliminate the complaints about the noise from the boyfriend-girlfriend arguing disturbed other students who live in the next door. It is true for our AU Condominium.

Such the solution, we can achieve the goal and objective that we want to increase the customer’s reliability. If we re-manage our condominium, parents will be satisfied and won’t be worried about their student’s safety. Furthermore, we want to follow the government’s new law which they want every dormitories to separate the male and female students.


Our apartment provides the room for ABAC students, who don’t want to stay in university’s dorm. It is more convenient to live in our apartment. Our apartment has 2 buildings that we did not separate male and female. We have a plan to separate 2 buildings, one for male and another one for female. We also have customers outside who are not ABAC students.

As we have more and more customers and they are not only ABAC students, it’s difficult to control the problems. We cannot know who bring their boyfriend or girlfriend to stay in their room.

We are now facing a critical situation as the order of apartment is out of control. Some customers claim that their belongings are stolen or disturbed by their neighbors

Possible Solutions

Since we have many problems that occurred because of we allow male students and female students can share the same building. So, we have 2 solutions to solve things out which are separating buildings that available for male and female only. Another
solution is providing a key card for the renter.

Separated the building into male’s building and female’s building can control the problem that students want to live together as a couple. This solution can avoid these
situation because we will separate the renters if they are men then we will send them to building A and if they are women, they have to live in building B. This solution can reduce the problem that students may stay together before they are married according to the government policy as well.

Use key card to come inside the building at the main entrance is another solution. It can protect the outside people come into the building without permission from the room’s owner. It can reduce the fighting and thief problems because the people that can come inside the building have to use their key card to access the building first and for those who don’t have keycard have to contact at the front office first to do the request to come inside the building.

Security system

Abac Condo increase security system to have a key card. We will set up the key card in front of the building. Renter who wants to enter the building must use key card. The outside person should exchange the card before enter the building. This security helps to protect the strangers come in to the building that have a problem.

Reduce the problem

Separated the building into male’s building and female’s building can control the problem that students want to live together as a couple. It can reduce the problem that students may stay together before they are married according to the government policy as well.


However, it has some disadvantage from separate male and female. That’s someone will resent for changing the rule and we will lost renter. Moreover, it will difficult for move them out and separate building for male and female. We must use some period to set the system and change the room for renter. Furthermore, we will increase some expenditure for key card such as utility cost, maintenance cost.

Operating Cost

The break down of the operating cost is as follows:

Equipment cost250,000 Baht
Key card350,000 Baht
Security guard150,000 Baht
Security system200,000 Baht
Total operating cost950,000 Baht

Necessary Action

The process of moving out the renter to their building which males go to A building and females go to B building would be held by the administration officers. Another operation is set up the key card system; our technicians would be responsible for this job. Moreover, they also learn how to use the system properly.

It is estimated that the whole process will take not more than 30 days.

Required action
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this system. I believe that such changing the dormitory management system would greatly benefit our dormitory operation as well as our customers. If we obtain your approval, the process could be initiated within one week.