Introduce Humour To Your Sales Pitch Through Sales Jokes

Even if you are not confident of your comedy skills, humour can work for you. Scientists have known for years that humour can make us feel better. In fact, the old wives saying “laughter is the best medicine” really is true. But what many people have never realized is that in the business world humour can also create positive results.

Yes, humour is a powerful tool. It can help build stronger relationships, ease tense situations, help us remember things, and overall just make us feel good.

If you are in the sales field then you definitely need to take notice of this. Sales jokes can not only make you healthier, they can help you sell more and have better relations with your customers. If this just sounds like common sense then you are right. It is common sense. What isn’t quite so obvious, however, is what you do about it.

The short answer is that you should be reworking your sales pitch to incorporate jokes about sales. Of course there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you launch off on your sales related comedy routine.

First and foremost you must know your audience. What type of sales jokes you use will depend in a large part on who you will be delivering them to. Think about the types of jobs they have, their level in the organization, and what the company culture is like if you are selling into a business or what your demographic is if you are selling to consumers.

Would a sales meeting joke go over best or should it be a sales meeting joke? Or maybe some other type of joke altogether. If you are planning on selling to these people then you need to know all about them anyway.

There are some topics that you should steer clear of as well. Politics, religion, race, and personal appearance are all hot button subjects. Adult sales jokes should always be avoided. Remember, just because you think something is funny does not necessarily mean that someone else will. These subjects can be emotionally charged and can have exactly the opposite effect of what you have in mind. In the case of adult sales jokes, they can even get you into trouble.

Your best bet if you want to poke fun at someone through sales jokes is to use yourself as the subject. Most people view those who don’t take themselves too seriously as self confident and self assured. You don’t want to take it too far but if you use good taste and moderation this type of sale humour can work well for you.

If you don’t feel like you are a funny person then there are resources you can turn to. The Internet has many free tutorials on delivering humour that can be easily applied to sales jokes. There are also many books written on the subject. If you prefer to have a teacher-lead type training then you can find a professional sales training agency in your area that can help you.

The point it, spice up your sales pitch with sales jokes and you can do yourself a lot of good, both physically and in your pocketbook.