Indian Technical Textile Industry Will It Have A Swift Take Off

Indian Technical Textile Industry: Will it have a swift take off?

Will the Indian textile industry be able to take off now, or will it only be a
Dawdling progress?

During the past few years, market for
Technical textiles has been sizzling at the global range. The industry is growing at a
Very fast pace, especially in the Asian region. In India, the potential of this segment is
Still untapped. India has the capability to become a leader in the manufacture and trading
Of technical textiles with a potential to acquire 10% share in the global market. Despite
The rosy hopes, the industry is foretelling, investments in India continue to remain a

Indian Technical textile sector

Recent figures of the revenue generation of technical textiles industry amounts to Rs.260
Billion. Industry analysts positively assert that the growth of the industry will thrive to
Reach around Rs.520 billion in the next 3 to 4 years. Consumption of non-woven is expected
To grow from 100 gm to 250 gm by 2012 in tune with the increase in GDP

Growth of technical textiles in India can be augmented with various programmes of national
Mission and encouraging foreign direct investments. The Government and Union Textile
Ministry is showing interest in this lucrative and fully unexplored sector. The Government
of Gujarat state in India has announced special subsidies regarding the same. In the
Industrial Policy-2009, the Government of Gujarat has announced 6% interest subsidy on plant
And machinery for technical textile. Adding to this, the Central Government is also giving
10 % credit-linked subsidy and 5% interest subsidy

To get a more precise idea about the industry happenings, Fibre2fashion spoke with Mr. Chandan Chatterjee,
Director, iNDEXTb. He remarked that almost 10 to 15 technical textile units are on
Starting stage, with some companies functioning already. According to Mr. Chatterjee, the
total investments in this sub-sector are expected to touch Rs 12 billion in Gujarat

He further added, “Center for Excellence in Technical Textiles is likely to be set up in
Surat very soon for which details are been worked out by the Government of Gujarat in
collaboration with South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SGCCI). These units
will manufacture medical textiles, parachute textile, geo-textiles, laminated fabrics
, fabric material for bullet proof jackets and for applications in agriculture,
automobile and packaging”

Industry experts further state that there have not been many happenings in the industry
apart from South India. They have also identified four sectors of the technical textile
Industry that require immediate attention. They are meditech, geotech, protech, and

Constraints for the Industry

4)Almost 85-90% of the fibres used in the industry are synthetic, and specialty fibres
which has to be only imported

5)There is lack of awareness among the entrepreneurs, and consumers regarding the
Market size, domestic and global scenario of the sector

6)Marketing is one of the main focus areas which need to be worked upon. Despite the
Fact that the Government is taking appropriate actions and coming up with new subsidies, and
Policy measures, still there is lack of results due to less focus on the marketing

With tremendous growth in manufacturing and retail sectors and Government policies geared
Up, India is posed to have a double digit growth in this segment. Technical textile sector
has numerous end use applications with various items of the industry developing gradually in
The country. However, there is less awareness among the prospective entrepreneurs and