How Virtualization And Cloud Management Related To Cloud Computing

There are many trending topics, today we have two of them to discuss the first one is cloud computing Virtualization and the other one is cloud management. Many of you might know what is Virtualization? As according to the definition in Wikipedia it is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something in the area of computing, such as a hardware platform, operating system, storage device, or network resources.

Cloud management or Managed cloud services come up with the vision to create, develop and get advanced methods in cloud computing. Service providers recommend services to cloud computing companies to handle their cloud related problems. Therefore it helps other companies to concentrate on other business plans for their proper growth. People often puzzle themselves with cloud computing and cloud management services are same technology. Although both are connected to each other but, they dont function in the same manner. Cloud computing is created to encourage device liberty and raise the scalability of companies, on the other hand cloud management services helps in the proper running of the Cloud server. They help running of a Cloud atmosphere in a well-organized and smooth manner.

Cloud computing and Virtualization are different technologies but, most of the time they are exchanged. These can work without one another. But cloud computing is best if the desktop is Virtualized first because most cloud server requires multiple virtual server and storage devices to work.

Virtualization facilitates a business to save on their computing requirements and assets by creating a Virtualized adaptation of a substantial resource in the same resource.

Cloud management helps in boosting the cloud atmosphere by optimizing existing resources. Everything that is stored on your cloud would be carefully managed and shall be used as and when needed. Any company running its infrastructure on a cloud wishes to get services from a trusted and reliable cloud management provider. Nevertheless with managed cloud services you wont have to worry about managing and monitoring of your cloud server. Cloud management works on the basis of pay for what you use, this helps the client and they use resources as per their requirements.

Virtualization is a technology that helps organizations and customers to operate their computer, application, storage devices and servers more efficiently. It can be defined as running several instances of operating systems on computers when it is only created to run one instance.

Types of Virtualization:

Server Virtualization: It combines various physical servers to virtual servers and is then run on a particular physical server.

Application Virtualization: The application is run on a different host where it is installed and is remotely entered from a different computer.

Presentation Virtualization: It runs on met frame like Citrix, the application is then run on a different host still it can also be seen on Customers screen.

Network Virtualization: It uses the network in a carved up way and it can be run on various purposes, through the switch, NICs, storage devices.

Cloud management is highly efficient technology that allows user to get the most of their servers. The usual goal of Virtualization is to centralize administrative tasks even as improving scalability and work load.