How a Website can help your career in Acting

All the actors in Hollywood, big or small, should have a website of their own where they can share their career, achievements, and goals. makes for a perfect online presence of actor Issy who, apart from sharing some personal stats, has some interesting information for the aspiring and established actors. While discussing his movies, Issy shares some great anecdotes and events that happened during the casting or audition or actual shooting of the movies. Interestingly, Issy has worked with some of the greatest names in Hollywood, like Sydney Pollack, Sean Penn, and Nicole Kidman in the movie, The Interpreter.

It’s a little known fact that Issy has also worked with the legendary Martin Scorsese for a forthcoming Rolling Stones documentary, ‘Shine A Light’.

The best part of is reserved for the TV, Commercial, and Movie Extras. These unsung heroes of the movies, sitcoms, and TV commercials are perhaps the most vulnerable and directionless lot. Right from their audition stage, they are not too much aware about the written and unwritten rules they have to follow in order to keep everyone happy, and enhance their own long-term career prospects.

Having personally gone through the travails of an ‘Extra’, Issy is the best man to learn from. Issy also suggests networking with other extras on the set and share auditions and casting calls information. The tips involve advise on the conduct of extras vis–vis the big stars. For instance, an extremely valuable piece of advise that Issy shares is that extras should not indulge in clicking pictures or taking autographs of the big stars. This is a strict no-no as far as the work ethics is concerned.

The extras are given some valuable inputs about enhancing their career prospects and how not to restrict themselves to just ‘extra’ work in TV and movies. They should always be on the lookout for more exposure to different media. For instance, Issy takes the example of Casting Directors of an Opera (War and Peace) who were auditioning people for the role of soldiers.

The extras will also do well to volunteer in Film Festivals. Being so near to the big and small actors at the same time will widen their horizons and change their perspective of looking at their own and others’ work. For this purpose, Issy suggests that you must have a calendar for Film Festivals with you all the time.

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