Getting Started Advertising Campaigns Firms

Over 8 years of experience in the advertising market, we have often seen that a beginner or small companies, advertising issues or deal with directors, managers or secretaries – people without experience and professional education in the field of advertising. So we decided to give a few tips for beginners colleagues. To begin with, the purpose of proposals on advertising and promotion, not even if we consider any one industry. In most cases, a lot depends on how the director sees the issue of the promotion of the company: there are progressive managers who are willing to use all kinds of advertising, and there are those who believe that the revenue depends entirely on the sales manager and is not ready to spend money on promotion. Both have their pros and cons.
There are managers and companies that, having reached a certain level, not particularly want to “splurge” on development – and they so happy with everything. So, first of all, you need to define the goals of the director, and find out what the “victim” is ready to go.
At the next stage, assess the level of development of the city / region, the number and degree of competitiveness of other companies in your industry, the consumer market (need for your products / services, how often they are prepared to pay, who pays and decides on acquisition). Then you need to define multiple audiences to which you direct your efforts.
Very often you can hear from clients: “Among our customers there are the students, and grandmother, and top managers.”In fact, this means that their consumers are 3 different audiences, which are formed not only by separating by gender, age and employment. Recommended audience to use when analyzing parameters such as personal interests, preferences for leisure activities and recreation, social circle, place and living conditions, family income, source of income and preferences in spending money. Once you have managed to classify customers and find out what unites and divides, to identify areas of advertising: TV , radio , newspapers, magazines, Internet, outdoor advertising, transportation , shopping, leisure, work / training.
For more effective media planning to highlight several types of advertising media that will be shared and differentiated for CA, determine the period, intensity, possible budget and make a rough plan of accommodation. Then join in drafting the advertising message – a unique selling proposition (try to put the text in 23 words). In a message, highlight contact details, which will always be available: the site of the company, multi-line phones. Make a few choices of promotional materials:
Audio and video clips, 10, 15, 20 seconds, each of whom will serve a purpose: 20 seconds – an image, movie information, and 15 seconds – the information, 10 seconds – a reminder of the company;
For print media formats divide by 50, 100, 250 cm2. The layout can be specified more textual information, since the consumer has the time to explore the advertising message;
During layout for outdoor advertisers need to focus on the fact that the attention of the average consumer is not more than 5 seconds, so the emphasis should be placed on the unique selling proposition (product, price, terms of delivery), and the name of the company, its contacts (easy to remember). Format: A3, A1, 1,2 x1, 8 m, 6×3 m
Before placing an advertisement sure to test the site and telephone lines. Next you need to organize monitoring of incoming calls, attendance outlets and website.
In the PR-promoting recommend the following steps:
Regularly post news on the company’s website;
Publish information and articles on relevant and popular websites;
Publish articles and opinions of experts in specialized print media;
Include event-related stories in television news programs (opening of a store / office, participated in the exhibition and other events of which are significant for the industry and the public);
For business, designed for the end user, be sure to have a page on the social networks;
When the company consolidated and will take its place in the market, pay attention to the sponsorship packages in the media, as well as participation in socially significant events (city festivals, exhibitions, sporting events, etc.).
To create a team spirit equips the space of sales offices and corporate products: print presentations, catalogs, packages, candy, pens, stationery, corporate clothing, flags, business cards, envelopes, corners, blocks, scarves, badge, ties and other necessary details.
When your company will grow and logo will serve as a brand, then joins in the development of corporate identity, brand book, as well as the registration of copyright on the name and logo.
To analyze the effectiveness of advertising media planning is necessary to keep track of where you will learn about customers and analyze sales and promotional activity every 3 months to make adjustments to the advertising campaign, as appropriate, and taking into account the production capacity and seasonal factors.