Ganoderma Organo Gold Coffee Network Marketing What You Need To Know First Part Eight

If you were my personal enrolee or distributor into the first line of my ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business and you approached me for advice and said that you wanted to take out ads or place classifieds or build by mail or hand out tapes to people, I would say no to all of these methods. If you wanted to pursue all those methods there are many educational mediums that will teach you those procedures and how to make them work for you. What you need to know, is to study what works and what duplicates. This is accomplished by working your warm market. You need to learn how to develop friendships and lifetime relationships. This is where your future lies. You can take an ad and sponsor many people. You can build by mail and sponsor a lot of people but when those people get another really good direct mail letter from someone else about the latest and greatest new deal that is paying a little more on the third or fourth level, they will all roll over and join that new deal.

When you sign up all those people who responded to the display ads in the newspaper because you have made your signup fee very cheap, what will you do in six months when the next great deal pops up and they have a free signup and all your people then roll over to sign on with that deal. Then you hear of the businesses that will build their network marketers downlines for them. You should not be interested in having these types of people in your ganoderma coffee network. You need to learn how to build lifetime relationships. You need to build the line once and then get paid from that line forever. This is achieved through solid relationships. So what you need to know first is how to build those relationships.

You will learn here how to mould a friendship into a directorship and a directorship into a distributorship and a distributorship into a directorship. The last aspect of ganoderma organo gold coffee network marketing business that you need to know first is ‘The System’. You need to have a complete duplicatable step by step system. This means that the basic presentation that you do at any destination is the same one that all your people in your network are conducting at any other destination. So your whole network wherever they are in your country or in the world are all following the same step by step presentation wherever they are delivering it. The same pre-approach packet is used. The first set of materials you give your prospect is the same on your first, second, third, tenth, fiftieth levels to however deep your network gets.

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