First-Class Customer Service Separates Buckeye Fabricating from the Others

Buckeye Fabricating’s ability to offer high-quality products and deliver outstanding customer service has allowed this pressure vessel and process tank manufacturer to foster long-term relationships with its customers worldwide.

The company works continuously to ensure that the customers’ needs are met efficiently and cost-effectively. Buckeye has emerged as a leading provider of not only pressure vessels and stainless steel tanks, but also custom air tanks, custom pressure tanks, vacuum tanks, jacketed tanks and much more.

Meeting customer demands is a process that requires understanding customer needs, unparalleled quality control, tireless commitment to continuous improvement and innovation as well as exceptional value.

Cultivating a satisfied customer base is top priority at Buckeye Fabricating. From the top management down, employees throughout the organization live by this rule. Buckeye believes that customers are the lifeblood of the business. As a customer-oriented company, Buckeye listens to its customers and understands their needs and expectations, then works to exceed those expectations in all ways.

One of the primary ways Buckeye does this is through its exceptional quality assurance process. The cornerstone of Buckeye’s success is the uncompromised quality of its products. Our extensive quality control system ensures that your custom pressure vessel or tank has been properly designed, constructed, inspected and pressure tested. We apply our stringent quality standards to products of virtually any design, size or configuration. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code.

We perform tests for durability and performance; and no product is delivered to a customer until it passes these — and more — tests with no room for departure from our strict standards.

A big part of valuable customer relationships and loyalty is Buckeye’s ability to create custom products that address the customers’ needs. This means a total commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Our state-of-the-art facility has continually upgraded its tank fabrication capabilities with both machinery and skills, making us one of the most highly qualified shops in the industry. In addition, we have the experience and expertise to produce high quality steel tanks and pressure vessels for any industrial purpose. Our technical engineers are unmatched in the industry. This crew is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art tools and automated equipment to do whatever it takes to get the equipment to you on time.

Going the extra mile also means not “mass producing” product, but rather offering our customers personalized service, where we build what you want and work with you on the details, no matter what the size or purpose of your product.
With a long history of building to ASME code, our design services team can provide engineering expertise as well as detailed CAD drawings to support your custom pressure vessel, process tank, stainless steel tank, mixing tank or storage tank project.

At Buckeye Fabricating, our mission is quite simple: to help customers fulfill their need for custom tanks and give them a flawless experience every time. For 46 years, we’ve been offering worldwide solutions built on a strong foundation, proven products, and the stability that comes from long-term industry participation. When you purchase a product from Buckeye Fabricating, rest assured your investment will be a good one.