Easy Methods To Improve Time Management And Productivity

In todays society, most people have the misconception that to improve time management takes extreme amount of work and requires having a boot camp like life style. Well, to be totally honest with you to improve your time management doesnt even take a fraction of what I just mentioned to you. In fact, its actually quite easy and can be achieved in matter of weeks, even days.

I’m writing this article to ensure you that the anger that you are feeling from being stuck in your current situation can be solved, but will take some effort on your part.

Many of these techniques exist on the internet, but with the growth of the internet and the flood of new users, the web has overflowed with wrong information.

Here are 5 simple, yet powerful ways to improve time management and productivity:

1.) Select Your TWO Most Valueable Tasks to Put Down On Paper

The reason why is because writing down your 2 highest value tasks will automatically eliminate all the other lesser value tasks and force you to focus on completing just those two tasks. Your two highest value tasks are most often what bring in the most money for you or make you the happiest or simply the tasks that greatly improve your current situation.

By actually writing down your 2 most important tasks you’re brain will clearly understand its level of significance, which will then result in you taking action and improve time management.

2.) Focus on One Thing at a time

You want to focus on one thing at a time because the human mind is most powerful when focused on one main objective.

I wholeheartedly believe this statement and the main reason is because Ive experienced it and actually felt the difference and my time management dramatically improve. Also, Im sure you can easily relate to this too, because if you look at times when you were constantly off focus and changing from one task to the next with your mind racing a million miles per hour, you experienced a horrible feeling of being overwhelmed, realizing you were not being productive at all.

At first, you may have thought by multitasking you were being super productive, but looking at your results you learned that was not the case.

This idea is one that His Holiness the Dalai Lama passionately which can be understood through his statement, “A scattered mind does not have much power. When channelized, no matter what the object of observation is, the mind is very powerful.”

3.) Dont Rush By Multitasking

Many people have the belief that if they get as many things done as possible in a short amount of time it will mean that they are effectively being productive. But in fact, the opposite is true. So, you should never try to rush through your tasks to completion throughout the day. This kind of strategy can backfire and leave you having to back-peddle and fix things you may have neglected by cutting corners.

4.) Reward Yourself

Anytime you complete a task, whether it be big or small, preferably something important, give yourself a reward for your accomplishment.

Treat yourself to some ice cream, a glass of wine, or anything that meets your craving.

Applying this sort of self made incentive method will create that desire inside you to actually want to be more productive and get more done. This will automatically improve time management.

5.) Avoid the Temptation to Overwork

By putting in extra time in the office or staying up all night til 3 A.M. working on your business you may feel that youre being productive but the fact of the matter is that when you work for a long period of time and slave away at something all youre doing is actually become more “unproductive.”

But actually getting out of the office by 5 or taking a break or day off will prove to give you much better results in the long term.

It is vital for you to refresh your mind and body so that you can perform at your optimal level. To achieve this just takes for you to realize that just taking a break for a period of time is the solution to it all. If its a tough project or issue that you just cant seem to find the answer to, just stop completely and leave all your work on your desk and take a break to go do something fun or relaxing. Trust me, theres literally no better feeling than coming back to a difficult situation with your mind and body reenergized ready to solve the task that caused you to have so much anger and frustration.

So there you go, 5 great ways on how to improve time management and productivity. Put it to work right now and enjoy your new found extra time.