Design And Develop Mobile Applications With Innovation Labs

The enterprise mobility market is expected to grow
dramatically due to the rapid adoption of new technologies that enable
businesses to connect with their workforce, customers and suppliers from
anywhere at any time. Let’s look at some of the enterprise mobility
market predictions.

� By 2016, there will be 1 billion Smartphone/tablet
consumers. Moreover, of the 1 billion, 20 million will be at the
enterprise level. As far as mobile applications market is concerned, it
will reach $55 billion. By 2015, mobile workers will account for 15% of
all the global workers across different verticals such as healthcare,
retail, manufacturing, transportation, chemicals, and petroleum.

� By 2016, 50% of the enterprise email users will
depend largely on a browser, tablet, or mobile client instead of a
desktop client. This point to the fact that by 2015 mobile app
development projects aimed at Smartphones and tablets will exceed native
PC projects by a ratio of 4:1. (Gartner)

� By 2017, Global
Enterprise Mobility Market would exceed US$ 173.9 billion. “Growing
mobile worker population, emergence of sophisticated mobile devices such
as tablets and smartphones and introduction of several novel business
applications will drive the market for enterprise mobility over the next
few years.” (Global Industry Analysts (GIA))

� The IT spending
to reach US$ 1.8 trillion in 2012 with 20% being related to the mobility
segment. (International Data Corporation (IDC))

� Global location-based services platforms revenue to grow from $560 million in 2010 to $1.8 billion in 2015.(ABI Research)

� By 2016, there will be 3 million health remote monitoring users. (Juniper Research)

Hence, to capitalize on enterprise mobility, businesses and ISVs must build applications with the following characteristics:

� Intuitive and user-friendly

� Support heterogeneous mobile environments (i.e., devices, OS, carriers, etc.)

� Integrate with backend systems

� Easy to install and manage

� Meet stringent corporate security policies

can develop mobile applications by partnering with global leaders who
have their own Enterprise Mobility technology centers. These innovation
labs design, develop and support cutting-edge enterprise applications on
a wide range of mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
in verticals such as

� Healthcare

� Retail

� Finance

Their capabilities include:

Advisory Technology

� Overall Assessment

� Build Enterprise Mobility Roadmap

� Mobile Platform & Device Rollout Strategy

� High Level Architecture

� Backend Integration Strategy

� Middleware Selection

� Device Management

� Security Considerations

Architecture, Engineering & Integration

� Mobile Native Client & Mobile Web Development

� Backend Integration

� Middleware & Device Management

� Platform & Device Porting

� Testing

Professional Services & Support

� Deployment

� Customization

� Additional Platforms & Device Support

� 24×7 support

With enterprise mobility market showing an upward trend, enterprises must focus on mobile application development projects.