Delighting Your Customers

The reward of delighting your customers is you capture a sustainable customer-base. From experience, the absolute heart of money making 123 on the Internet is having a sustainable customer-base. This is true of any business and the foundation of real personal wealth from the Internet. A sustainable customer base is one that is interested in your specific niche and finds value in your blog, newsletter, and emails. Your value to this base must be demonstrated with each and every communication. No one, even your loyal customers, wants to read “filler” on your website, in your newsletters, or in your emails. Do your customers a favor and provide some new information, new insight, or better yet, a free report or video for the niche.

Capturing the attention of customers is the first step with informative “squeeze pages.” This is a simple, informative graphic and message that captures the visitor in two seconds!!! Yes, two seconds. Would you prefer to design these pages yourself or use what has been tested and known to work? This is the ad stage of sales and needs to be memorable. This free report Clickbank Treasure Map explains one of the most important benefits of Clickbank Pirate membership professionally developed “squeeze pages” and free reports for your customers.

Minimum customer data is required for communications and this is the email address. For a friendlier message a username is nice to have. With the minimum of customer information, you can invite visitors to read informative and useful sites for more information of the specific subject. Do you have the tools and money to gather and maintain a database of customers or would you prefer someone to provide the service? This is the qualification stage of sales and should be as friendly as a hand-shake in the showroom when you are buying a new car. This is another feature of Clickbank Pirate membership. The system manages your customer interface based on a natural sequence of communications and follow-ups.

Follow-up communications are critical to keeping a customer comfortable with a product and with deepening the customer relationship by building trust. Trust can only be sustained if each step delivers the “goods” promised. This is why your personal plug-and-play blog from Clickbank Pirate is your repository of information on new products, techniques, and freebies. Learn to use and promote it during your traffic generation efforts.

The communications must be timely (pre-determined schedule) and helpful (new information). Do you have the tools and time to be consistent and provide value to the visitor? This is the on-going relationship part of sales management. Your personal blog needs to stress your specific value and plans for the reader. If you have monthly news state the schedule and what you will be reporting in advance. If you have plans for free reports or videos, also announce your plans for offering them to your readers.

Clickbank Pirate includes your customer database in the membership. You do not need to independently subscribe to an auto-responder which may cost as much as $30 per month. This is one of the major, major benefits of Clickbank Pirate. I figure it saves at least 10-15 hours a week because you do not have to prepare follow-up communications. You are on auto-pilot!