Advantages Of Choosing A Sonography Career

The benefits of choosing a sonography career are numerous. There are career options all over the country; the job outlook is excellent, and it is personally rewarding to work in a field that helps people. You may choose diagnostic medical sonography and ultrasound, or general radiology or nuclear radiology careers, which have varying duties, job options and salaries. All of these career paths involve helping people live in better health, and they are all vital components of the modern medical community.

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing a sonography career is the salary. The median salary for sonographers is approximately $62,000 a year, and there are also opportunities for additional advancement with experience and training. On an hourly level, the average pay for sonographers, lead sonographers, ultrasound technicians and managers in sonography offices is about $30.

Another one of the important benefits of choosing a sonography career is the incredible amount of job options you will have in various settings all over the country. As a general sonographer you can use computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging devices, mammography technologies and x-ray machines. Your work may be involved with treating medical conditions, diagnosing medical conditions or viewing unborn babies in pregnant women”s bodies. You may choose to go into diagnostic medical sonography or nuclear sonography later on.

If you to go into diagnostic medical sonography, you will need at least an associate”s degree from an accredited college or vocational school to ensure that you have the proper training to operate machines that rely on high frequency sound waves. If you go into nuclear sonography, you will need to get a license from the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board in addition to your education. Your job will require skills and knowledge related to the functions of human cells and how those cells react to drugs or why those cells have developed diseases and medical conditions.

From career choices to salary to the personal rewards of helping people, there are many benefits of choosing a sonography career. As long as you go into this career for the right reasons, you should have a bright future.