3 Characteristics of Innovation

Innovation is the change that keeps human civilization progressing.
Unless you innovate, you will keep using the existing strategies and
techniques till stagnation. However, innovation is something which needs
to be inculcated in the general masses for better advancement. By
imparting knowledge on how to innovate, you create a talented resource
pool, which is inquisitive by nature. It has many attributes that make
it very successful. Read on to find three characteristics of innovation.

Three characteristics of innovation:

1. Trust level

Innovation succeeds only when there are high levels of trust. This is
because in order for innovative people to be given a chance, you need to
trust that person to deliver the result. However, this is a major
hindrance in almost all corporate scenarios. Professional jealousies,
rivalry, and human egos tend to put a stop in advancement of talented
people’s careers. Industry leaders should strive to ensure that an
environment of trust develops in any workplace. They should make
employees understand that it is for their own benefit if they develop an
innovative spirit.

2. Diversity

Innovation thrives on diversity. When people from different backgrounds
come together, a treasure trove of ideas and knowledge develop.
Different point of views enables a concept to be scrutinized from
different angles. If you fill your workplace for people from the same
background, it will not be dynamic. People of different color, race and
cultural background should be encouraged to give their ideas without any
prejudices for the good of the company. Innovation workshops help to
drive the point of the importance of diversity in the minds of the
company top management. For a company to innovate, diversity should be
deeply ingrained in the mindset of the company and its workforce.

3. Risky Ventures

Risk is a part and parcel of innovation. You cannot expect each and
every venture to succeed. Even the best and experienced employee may
find it hard to succeed an idea due to numerous and uncontrollable
factors. This may include business and personal factors. Companies
training its employees to innovate should assure them that risk will be
tolerated. Otherwise, they may not give their best if under pressure
from their higher ups. Innovation development training also sensitizes
companies about the benefits and disadvantages of risky business
proposals. The apt adage for business is ‘No gain without risk’.

The above three characteristics may differ in intensity for different
sectors, but the core essence remains the same. Identify the three
characteristics at the right time in order to have the best innovation