Think Beyond The Traditional Method Of Advertising Through Promotional Items

The global market is changing at rapid pace and accordingly, business individuals are require to change their marketing strategy to make themselves and their businesses fit as per the requirement. We all know that promotional products come down under the marketing campaign of every individual. Thus, they are required to find additional aspects for the promotional items to make their brand instant hit and reach to the maximum audience. Till the date, most of the individuals distribute their promotional objects among their potential customers, but now, you must think about giving it to the random people even. This will provide your business additional benefits and you will be able to gain the place in the competitive market. The example shown below will explain you the situation and the move, you need to take, more appropriately.

A store owner in Canada was struggling with the sales. The business was the start-up, so he was also not able to put more on the advertisements. Thus, he was looking for some idea to generate the sales instantly. During those days, inter school rugby tournament was about to held in a school near his store. The craze of the tournament was high among the students and their parents. Most of the students have their residence near by the school. He decided to take advantage of the situation by launching apparel as the promotional products and distributing the same among the players of the different team.

He approached the school management to get associated with the tournament. It was proud thing for the school as someone from outside wanted to contribute in their sport function, so they agreed. He gathered the necessary information about the team and distributed the T-shirts to the players participating in the tournament. The players were excited to have the custom apparel Canada. The apparel were customized with logo and contact information of the company along with player name and team name. The parents and other students gathered to see the match were notified well about the brand till the end of the matches.

What happened next can considered as planned miracle as the store owner received huge crowd at the store and he was able to multiple his sales up to six time in comparison to the normal day sales. You see, in this situation, the store owner didn’t distribute the promotional item to the customers but then too he was able to generate the profit. This is how, you should plan your promotional products marketing campaign.

Benefits Of A Phlebotomy Career

Being a phlebotomist is a rewarding career. Phlebotomists are actually skillful clinical staff that work with patients devoid of the worries associated with being a medical doctor or registered nurse. Phlebotomists take blood for evaluation, the results of which physicians use as an important diagnostic tool. Just like most health care employees, getting started as a phlebotomist usually requires a good education. Learning to be a phlebotomist requires studying and knowing human anatomy and physiology, blood taking techniques, safety protocols, first aid and CPR.Getting to be a phlebotomist begins with high school. Phlebotomists need to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Phlebotomists then complete a phlebotomy certification program. Phlebotomy courses can be available through colleges, numerous hospitals, on the internet, occupational and vocational schools. There are 3 choices of phlebotomy programs: certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degrees. Certification training courses are the most typical with students that have the intention of becoming a phlebotomist. Certification courses last for 12 weeks up to 1 year and run you $1500 to $3000 to finish. Associate and bachelors degrees demand two to four years and cost as much as ten times more than certificate programs. An individual interested in becoming a phlebotomist want to be certain to take a course which has been accepted by the United states Department of Education, the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NAACLS), or similar agencies.

Recognized or accredited programs match the specifications and guidelines set by two necessary institutes, the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).Being a phlebotomist does not end on graduation from a training course. Certification is the next step in getting to be a phlebotomist. Although not mandatory by law of working phlebotomists, except in California and Louisiana, many employers would not employ non-certified phlebotomists. Having certification signifies that the phlebotomist is adequately knowledgeable with collection procedures and techniques as well as standard practices and protocols.

Certification is provided via ten nationally acknowledged certifying agencies. These agencies include the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT), and the National Phlebotomy Association (NPA). Phlebotomists must apply for accreditation (which often may be submitted online) then successfully pass a standardized test.

Those attracted to a career in the medical field ought to look at becoming a phlebotomist. Presently there is definitely a shortage of qualified people, because the health care industry is consistently expanding due to an aging general public. The fact is that, the US Bureau of Labor forecasts a 14% boost in employment prospects from 2006 to 2016. Phlebotomists earn an average hourly wage of $12.84 and an typical yearly income of $26,710. Many companies provide employee benefits to phlebotomists, including vacation, paid sick days and accessibility to healthcare and pension plans.

Sales Coaching Tip Best Time To Close And Best Closing Tips

Whenever I coach someone on sales the question inevitably comes up: When is the best time to ask for the close?

Any sales training program will tell you that closing the sale is the most important part of the consultative selling process. Many sales courses extensively cover the importance of closing lines. A good sales coaching program goes further, it tells you exactly when to close. You may know all of the closing lines available in a consultative selling process but without knowing when to use them you could make a bad mistake.

First a little background on this… Why is it important for a sales course to tell you when to ask for a close? The first concern from a sales coaching perspective is asking for the close too early in a sales presentation may be seen as pushy. If you are seen as pushy then the advantage you gain from a consultative selling point is lost. Your expert status suddenly means nothing. An even worse situation is not asking for the close at all. I believe all sales courses cover this well. According to studies, up to 80% of sales are consistently lost due to not asking for the close in any manner.

The benefit of sales coaching is discovering and learning exactly when to ask for the close. When done correctly in the frame of the consultative selling model, your prospects will perceive you as friendly, confident, knowledgeable. This is exactly how you want to be perceived to maximize referrals from the prospects associates, friends and family.

Back to the answer, a good sales coaching program will teach you the correct time to ask for the close is once you have convinced your client of the value of your product or service. Specifically the value to your particular individual prospect. When you have established enough value through consultative selling your prospect will be willing to purchase whatever it is youre selling. This will make your sales job much easier.

Now another great sales coaching tip, the easiest way to determine when your prospect is ready to be closed, is to use a test close. Many sales training courses do not emphasize how important this little step is. A test close is a way of checking in with the client to determine when enough value has been established. This is of the utmost concern in the consultative selling model.

To use a test close is a simple and straight forward step. The questions are easy and direct. Many sales coaching programs dont make it clear on how to use this powerful technique. The questions you might decide to ask are:

Do you see any value in this product?

Does our service resonate with you?

Does it feel like this may be a good fit for you?

To add even more power to the test close make sure to use the secrets of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Your prospect will definitely thank you with more sales.

Checking in with a test close is a great way to determine where your client sees himself in the sales process. If you have not established enough value, you will know because your client will tell you he is not convinced yet. At this point you need to go back and discover exactly what it is that your client wants solved.

The fact is the majority of sales are lost because of a sales professionals lack of asking for the close. Whether asking for the close too early or not at all, the result is the same. No sale. Knowing when to ask for the close definitely helps increase your sales.

Successful Html Email Marketing Campaigns And Lotus Notes Issues

As the online world changed in the nineties from informational to commercial and highly competitive, marketers embraced the new technology and the need has arisen to send graphically appealing newsletters and marketing messages. You have only seconds to capture attention, and the right picture will grab quicker than the right copy, as they say, “a picture can be worth a thousand words”. Just ask your clients if they would use plain white paper, rather than letterhead, to send an offline message to prospects and customers.

Today, the vast majority of all email clients can render (that is, display) HTML emails fairly well. Notable exceptions are older versions of Lotus Notes and pre AOL pre version 6.0. So whereas a few years ago the answer to the question was rather complex, today it really comes down to message purpose, subscriber preference and multipart messaging. Studies show that roughly 95 percent of commercial messages sent today are sent as Multi-Part MIME.

Multi-part MIME is an older protocol that allows you to send both text and HTML versions of an e-mail in a single package, kind of like a sandwich. The recipient’s e-mail program then displays the HTML version, if it is capable of reading that, or the text version, if it is not.

MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is an internet standard for the format of e-mail. Virtually all human written Internet e-mail and a fairly large proportion of automated e-mail is transmitted via SMTP MIME format. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and if nothing else, you’ll learn a few more acronyms if you stick around. Internet e-mail is so closely associated with the SMTP and MIME standards that it is sometimes called SMTP/MIME e-mail.

Folks, while nobody can really agree on numbers and stats, we all agree on this: HTML Email Doesn’t Work Properly for Millions of Recipients.

HTML email breaks in a wide variety of email inboxes. This isn’t due to your creative abilities or lack of HTML knowledge – it’s due to the fact that the email client your recipient views your email in routinely breaks your message.

I feel like this is worth defining, as I know a lot of people get very scared when we talk about clients and servers, but will not admit it. An email client (some “big picture” folks also call it Mail User Agent) is nothing but a computer program that is used to read and send e-mail, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, etc. A mail server (also called a Mail Transfer Agent or MTA, or a mail exchange server) is a computer program that transfers electronic mail messages from one computer to another. Most of the time, since nobody has time to learn all the acronyms and terminology coined by those “big picture” people, we are used to know a mail server as the entire contraption (wires and all) that runs the program.

Depending on the email system, your HTML images may be blocked so recipients see a blank white box and/or your live hotlinks may not work properly. AOL 9.0, Outlook 2003, and Gmail are most infamous for blocking and/or breaking HTML, “for security reasons”.

Another big offender for not letting HTML through is Mel, the guy that works in the corporate IT department. Many corporations have IT departments who can’t wait for the day when all attachments and all HTML emails are eradicated. That is because in their world, anything that is not pure text is spam, virii, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, pure evil(ware) that makes mailboxes grow and users growl. As a consequence, most of those cubicle inhabitants – the end users – who have to sign a hundred page policy before they start getting busy on those corporate e-memos, are unable to view and/or send HTML messages, whether the feature is turned off at a server level, or on their computers.

Everything else aside, there is no bigger offender here on Earth than Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is notorious for its refusal to handle Multi-Part MIME the same way the rest of the civilized world does.

For your amusement, here is a definition of Lotus Notes that was created by one of those “big picture” executives: “Lotus Notes is a commercial workflow and groupware software package that also provides application developers an environment for quickly creating cross- platform client/server applications”. Still with me? Don’t be scared. For the purposes of this article, Lotus Notes is an email client. Ok?

If you work for a company that uses Lotus Notes as the email system, don’t even think about sending newsletters other than in text form from it. Besides the fact that as a general rule, I always recommend to marketers the use of a professional permission based email marketing service, in the Lotus Notes case you just have to.

If you communicate to the B2B market, particularly large professional services firms, large lawfirms, many Global 2000 companies, HTML email compatibility will be a thorn in your side, as a lot of these companies use Lotus Notes.

The issues include:

– Older versions of Lotus Notes (under R5) convert HTML emails to a Lotus Notes Rich Text format. Lotus Notes versions under R5 also do not recognize Multi-Part MIME messages (HTML and text combined in a single email).

– Some companies may be deploying later versions of the Lotus Notes client, i.e., R6, but using an older version of Lotus Notes/Domino server such as 4.6. In this example, the recipient’s email client would also render an HTML message incorrectly.

So for a recipient to view a properly rendered HTML email, a company must use both the Lotus Notes client and server of R5 and above.

Here are some quick tips you can take if you have a significant Lotus Notes subscriber base:

1. Include a link at the top of HTML emails named “View Web Version” or something similar. The link sends recipients to a web hosted HTML version of the email (either on the email technology provider’s server or the sender’s server).

2. Also include an “Update Preferences” link and provide a web site update form that then enables recipients to choose to receive Text rather than HTML.

3. Create complete Text versions for those who prefer not to receive HTML or cannot view HTML.

4. On opt-in forms, include an option to receive a Text version and potentially list tips (i.e., “If you are using Lotus Notes versions below R5, select Text”).

In conclusion, I will say it again: Folks, don’t try this at home. Instead, always outsource email marketing to one of the many professional services. Advantages are: No blacklists and established relations with the major ISPs, ensuring maximum deliverability (plus, you don’t want to be called a spammer and banned from everywhere). They also make it easy to create, send, and track permission-based email, have advanced reporting, message scheduling, the ability to create unlimited lists, bounce back handling (extremely important), subscription management, newsletter templates and many other major industry-standard features. The service I use for my company can be tried free for 15 days, here:

Operation Management Programs

Operations management is one of the best options undertaken in the MBA Programs. It is an umbrella term used by professionals in the corporate world to refer to the actual management of the manner in which firms produce goods and services. It involves all the processes of production, packaging, transportation and delivery of such goods or services produced to customers. It also includes the process of procuring raw materials from competent suppliers to ensure the firm experiences no shortages in the same.

Operations management is one of the most vital departments in an organization. It is the key to any long term performances of a company. Without proper management of a firms operations it will definitely fail. It requires more employees than any other department. This is why many business schools have incorporated operations management into their MBA Programs.

Without the necessary skills, the manager may find it hard to oversee the sequential and interrelated activities involved here. The transformation of major components of the whole operation such as information, labor, raw materials and clients may be a hard task to accomplish. A good operations manager must be smart in designing, managing and tracking all these operations. The quality of the end product is what matters most.

How should business schools teach operations management?

A good school of business should give priority to operations. In other MBA Degree options depend on operations. Finance, Accounting, Human Resource management, etc all derive their existence from a firms operations. Students are expected to come out of this schools fully equipped with the necessary operation skills that will add value to their future firms.

The focus of these MBA Programs should be on the study of performance of business models as well as the measurement systems. This will aid a student in making proper design and management of such business models during their employment. It is all about laying proper strategies. The major areas covered in operations management include but not limited to:

i. Supply Chain Management

This involves the study of the analysis of corporate purchases, manufacturing processes as well as distribution of the finished products or services. This is seen as the heart bit of any companys processes. The major purpose of this field of study is to ensure the students are equipped with skills relating to the strategic and systematic management of the dissemination of information and material within a firm. It can also be referred to as the supply network management.

ii. Service Operations

Operations management also covers the area of service provision. The service industry too has a systematic manner in which information flow is to be managed, and acquisition of the necessary materials and services to aid in delivery of the same. For example, the company advocate will require the necessary information about the company to aid him in signing some legal documents on behalf of the company.


No specific business model works for all firms. It is therefore during these operations management MBA Programs that a student is taught how to come up with new ideas when the need arises. They are required to think outside the box. Modern technology should be adhered to in order to prevent the firm from becoming obsolete. iv. Business Environment

The adaptation to the ever-changing business environment is one core component of MBA studies.

Gold cup double-platform strategy starting h2l drive into the high-speed road – China Control cable

Beijing Auto Show starting in Jinbei H2L model is Jinbei light bus market comply with the demand for high-end customers, to high-end light-off for the position, grasp the senior light-off further breakdown of the trend of the market for those seeking a more upscale consumers create high-quality light-off. The variety of wheelbase, multiple power configurations and a variety of product planning body length of commercial vehicles minibus constructed platform, the product will simply focus on the economy turned to function more diverse, more reliable, more durable, more environmentally friendly emission economy with the use of the multiplier.

Comparing the previous Jinbei, H2L model quality in the design of both style and technology has a major breakthrough. It uses a new platform for H2, H1 platform than in the past, first in the size of the vehicle have a significantly different: H2L has a 5420 1880 2285mm in length and breadth dimensions, and the long 3110mm wheelbase, large capacity of space to expand to 14 seats change and more diverse, fully meet the business and corporate shuttle commuter needs.ds.

On this basis, it is also equipped with the car and MPV by the high-end business features such as: parking sensor + Parking Assist System (PDC), rear central dome integrated ion air purifier, DVD integrated GPS navigation system, the door is not Guan Yan coolant alarm + alarm, portable door open function inside.

It is worth mentioning that, H2L is not only the crystallization of the latest technology Jinbei also inherited Jinbei consistently high quality. It is a good power and economy, spacious and comfortable interior space, car-based interior to meet the next 10 years China strict low emissions, low fuel consumption, low noise and vibration, collision and other safety regulations, the full show in Jinbei High light-off pattern of the market and Innovation, the king of style.

Two-platform strategy, driven into the high-speed Road Brilliance

2010 Beijing auto show is the Gold Cup H2L Jinbei brand platform to launch the first H2 vehicle, and will have implemented H2W and H2S models, continue to enhance the Gold Cup in the high-end light bus market the brand’s influence to further enhance Jinbei products market competitiveness.

Gold Cup H2 platform is the brand experience accumulated after 20 years of international cooperation and self-developed product platform that integrates the design and development resources Cup, beginning in its design into the Gold Cup brand DNA and customer needs. H2L will be Jinbei future high-end light bus market in the banner, it is Jinbei lead times for changes in the past and the key. H2 platform not only enrich the product Jinbei camp, even with the existing vehicle platform to keep pace with the formation of dislocation H1 compete together against a complex market environment.

Jinbei Fifth and Sixth Generation Jinbei platform used H1 and H2 build a new platform together to build the Brilliance Jinbei light bus market in China brand dual-platform strategy, is a breakthrough Jinbei brand new starting point, is Jinbei enterprise forward-looking and leading symbol of the times. The establishment of dual-platform will light passenger market, Brilliance Auto to enter the rapid development of high-speed Road.

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The Net Career Test – Forget About Mystery and Misunderstandings!

An individual who possesses valuable traits and abilities but has a mismatching job that doesnt put his abilities and skills to good use will often result in frustrating and stressful situations. Not to mention the individual’s discontentment, lack of interest and apathy for doing a job that he either hates or doesnt allow him to express freely and to improve himself constantly. In order to avoid such unhappy situation, people should take career aptitude tests that will reveal the best career choices that fit their skills and work traits.

Online career tests are the best help an individual can get in order to learn about his most valuable skills and abilities and, moreover, about what career he should choose to make a better use of his qualities. Needless to say, a person will be more productive and with better results when he carries out a certain job with passion and devotement-and this can only happen if the person believes he has the chance of self improvement and development.

A career aptitude test is the best assessment tool one could use in order to find out what job is best suited for his most valuable traits and capabilities. These tests can be used to learn about one’s capabilities and professional abilities he can employ in a work environment in order to perform his tasks with efficiency and professionalism.

An individual who doesnt have a clue about the direction he must take with respect to his professional life will definitely find these online career personality tests very useful. One method is to take more than one of these personality tests and compare the results. By doing so, you’ll gain a deeper and accurate understanding of your real skills and what better use you can find for them.

These career personality tests are based on psychometric knowledge, that is they only offer suggestions according to the data you have entered. If you are really in need of advice and counseling, not only suggestions, you should resort to the services of a career counselor, who will use extensive tools and methods to reveal the right path to choose.

No individual will perform a job with efficiency and passion if he is not confident about the fact that the position he holds will permit him to improve and develop his skills and aptitudes. Career aptitude tests are very helpful, in this respect, and can be used by all persons who need guidance in order to make a wise decision about their careers.

Create A Business Opportunity From A Problem

Turn a Problem into a Business Opportunity by creative thinking.

People pay money to create a problem and then somebody else turns that problem into a business opportunity. How do we do this? First step is to examine and define in great detail what exactly the problem is? Then look at innovative ways to turn the problem into a business opportunity.

Problem – We are eating a lot more then we should. Opportunity – exercise classes, weight loss diets, larger size clothes & diet drinks / foods.

Think of traffic, then think of bottlenecks! Problem – a lot of people stuck in traffic. Opportunity – Billboard advertising & more demand for entertainment on the move!

Problem – In this day of high speed life, people don’t have time to sit down and eat. Opportunity – Create a fast food franchise that serves hot food within minutes for customers to take away and eat on the move.

Problem – people are drinking more. Opportunity – diet drinks, drink dispensers, low calorie alcoholic drinks, vitamins, more fun drinks & definitely more counselling!

In our previous business, we had a problem when we were manufacturing specialised, shock absorbing pallets. We always many pieces of a certain size of wood left. I sent our salesman round local businesses to see if he could find a use for it. In the end we ended up making “button-ups” which had a 100% profit margin after expenses for pieces of wood which we used to throw away!

Problem – Higher number of asylum seekers & refugees. Opportunity – low cost housing, lower paid labour force and increased demand for economy products!

Problem – More spam! Opportunity – more demand for new software, better firewalls & more experts needed!

What problems have you faced recently? Can you nail it down and turn it into an opportunity?

Here are the steps we should take to turn a problem into a business opportunity:

1) Identify the problem
2) Do overall market research
3) Get a team in to collectively debate the problem
5) Sleep on it
6) Do some more market research
6) Apply creative thinking and problem solving strategies to identify a business opportunity

Many questions can be answered by market research. What is the current state? Where is the market going? Who are the main players? How do consumers feel about the current solutions to their problems? How can we meet their needs better?

We can turn every challenge into a business opportunity. Every business process can be improved. Every problem is a business opportunity. Every time you have a bright idea, make sure that you write it down in an ideas notebook. Can you solve last weeks problems in a way which people will pay money?

Valuing Sales Recruitment Agencies

Within the recruitment industry sales recruitment agencies have found a niche that differentiates them from the more generic recruitment agencies. They are not seen as an agency simply interested in head hunting but rather aim to deliver solid candidates to a prospective employer is they new or experienced in the area of sales.

Headhunting firms will often submit applicants to any sort of job advertised within the business community or being sought through their database. Sales recruitment agencies on the other hand specialise in building a database of employers and potential employees who are looking for a sales related position only.

As such it is their intent to ensure that any candidate recommended for a sales role has firstly undergone an assessment test to ensure that they have the personality traits to meet the challenges of the competitive business to business sales environment. There is little point in training a candidate who, while keen to enter into sales, does not have the characteristics identified as being critical to succeed in a sales role.

While some sales jobs may require well trained, experienced sales staff with product specific knowledge others will provide opportunities to those wanting to enter the sales scene for the first time. Sales recruitment agencies offer training to guarantee both categories of candidate: an update on the more recent selling methods and any innovation in technology that might enhance sales for those who are experienced; a short but intensive and comprehensive sales training programme for those embarking upon a sales career.

Sales staff who are properly trained and assessed by a sales recruitment agency are found to have far greater success in a job interview scenario – they present as more confident, the employer knows that they have the right characteristics (as opposed to employing ad hoc on gut instinct) and are also trained in sales to a minimum level at least. Taking on board a candidate via a sales recruitment agency also means that they will receive on-going training during the initial employment period.

This instils greater confidence in the new sales recruit and keeps them on track in achieving their sales figures. As a first time job applicant without training it can be difficult to pass the benchmarks set by some sales industries. This can be addressed with good sales training. By listing through specialist sales recruitment agencies and undertaking their training courses you will feel more confident of achieving benchmark volume requirements and targets.

In many cases these training programs revisit basic knowledge about sales and selling products and services but as noted they also explore more advanced modern selling techniques which equip a candidate to succeed in a career in sales. Sales recruitment agencies definitely add value when recruiting sales staff.

Introduce Humour To Your Sales Pitch Through Sales Jokes

Even if you are not confident of your comedy skills, humour can work for you. Scientists have known for years that humour can make us feel better. In fact, the old wives saying “laughter is the best medicine” really is true. But what many people have never realized is that in the business world humour can also create positive results.

Yes, humour is a powerful tool. It can help build stronger relationships, ease tense situations, help us remember things, and overall just make us feel good.

If you are in the sales field then you definitely need to take notice of this. Sales jokes can not only make you healthier, they can help you sell more and have better relations with your customers. If this just sounds like common sense then you are right. It is common sense. What isn’t quite so obvious, however, is what you do about it.

The short answer is that you should be reworking your sales pitch to incorporate jokes about sales. Of course there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you launch off on your sales related comedy routine.

First and foremost you must know your audience. What type of sales jokes you use will depend in a large part on who you will be delivering them to. Think about the types of jobs they have, their level in the organization, and what the company culture is like if you are selling into a business or what your demographic is if you are selling to consumers.

Would a sales meeting joke go over best or should it be a sales meeting joke? Or maybe some other type of joke altogether. If you are planning on selling to these people then you need to know all about them anyway.

There are some topics that you should steer clear of as well. Politics, religion, race, and personal appearance are all hot button subjects. Adult sales jokes should always be avoided. Remember, just because you think something is funny does not necessarily mean that someone else will. These subjects can be emotionally charged and can have exactly the opposite effect of what you have in mind. In the case of adult sales jokes, they can even get you into trouble.

Your best bet if you want to poke fun at someone through sales jokes is to use yourself as the subject. Most people view those who don’t take themselves too seriously as self confident and self assured. You don’t want to take it too far but if you use good taste and moderation this type of sale humour can work well for you.

If you don’t feel like you are a funny person then there are resources you can turn to. The Internet has many free tutorials on delivering humour that can be easily applied to sales jokes. There are also many books written on the subject. If you prefer to have a teacher-lead type training then you can find a professional sales training agency in your area that can help you.

The point it, spice up your sales pitch with sales jokes and you can do yourself a lot of good, both physically and in your pocketbook.